Design your own gameboard with LUUDOO
Design your own gameboard with LUUDOO The perfect gift for gamers: Customised wooden playing boards Create unique gameboards for a Monopoly game using LUUDOO's custom game board Customiseable gift boxes for your custom gameboard Print on both sides of a wooden gameboard, packaged in a gift box with your images printed on A quick overview of how some of LUUDOO's customers have designed their custom gaming boards in the past Another example of a custom gameboard matched with a custom-printed gift box This customer chose our customised wooden gameboard for a completely unique chess board This is a great example of a customer printing his or her own game idea on our large, foldable gameboard Our unique gift boxes are just what you would expect for a board game Our wooden boardgame boxes turn your gift into something very special A customer example of how to combine a custom wooden gameboard with a matching gift box This customer chose a current affairs topic as a basis for custom gameboard and printed a matching design on the box Another of LUUDOO's customers created a bespoke gameboard for a wedding. Game designers love LUUDOO's DIY gameboard for prototyping Print whatever you like on our wooden gaming boards Ideal for a gift for a special occasion, when you want to create a classy custom board game Print a unique design on a blank gameboard Custom foldable game boards as accesories for Risk and other games LUUDOO offers large, twice foldable blank gameboards This customer used LUUDOO's customised game boards for a hand-drawn sketch This gameboard was created as a prototype for a new game idea for children Luudoo's customised gameboards also work well to build your own version of existing games like Monopoly Create a unique gift using LUUDOO's custom gameboards LUUDOO offers custom gift boxes for the foldable gameboards Perfect for a gift collection of custom board games: Blank wooden boards by LUUDOO Print on a blank wooden game board for a special gift LUUDOO offers a two-sided print on wooden game boards Drinking games are another application our customised game boards are often used for Our blank carboard playing boards are foldable for your convenience Some customers re-print old or vintage designs on the custom gameboards

Blank gameboard

DIY gameboards for any purpose
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Make it your own:

Choose from:

  • Cardboard M
  • Cardboard L (+€19.00)
  • Wooden board with one-sided print (+€12.00)
  • Wooden board with two-sided print (+€25.00)
  • Standard box matching gameboard M (+€5.00)
  • Standard box matching gameboard L (+€10.00)
  • Customised box matching cardboard M & L (+€15.00)
  • Customised box matching wooden boards (+€35.00)

DIY gameboards in two different sizes and materials!

A fantastic opportunity for game designers to create a first prototype, or to make a unique gift for one of your game-loving friends. This range of blank gameboards allows you to customise any board-based game which we don't offer in a customised version yet. Get creative and receive a gameboard printed to industry standards and surprise your nerdy gamer friends, that birthday boy or girl or the family gathered round the christmas tree!

Your custom game board - what do you want to print?

Our amazing range starts with chosing the right material: Do you want a traditional cardboard or a fancy wooden gameboard? And do you want to print on just one of on both sides of our blank wooden board? And for our blank cardboard boards, which size do you need? The medium DIY board, once folded, or the large gameboard, twice folded?

When it comes to what you want to print on your playing board we do not limit you in any way. Realise your niche gaming idea, or adjust an existing title, let's say Monopoly, to your needs - but don't forget to look out for potential licensing infringements! Do make sure to keep the size of the remaining gaming material in mind when picking the right gameboard though. That's why we offer different size for our DIY game boards: Games like Monopoly or Clue need a large board, whereas a game like Stratego will fit on the medium sized blank board.

Another important consideration should be the amount of detail in your print desings. Should you want to create a Risk gameboard using simple outlines for the regions our medium sized blank gameboard should suffice. But if your map is full of detail and pictures of your (or somebody else's) travels, the large DIY gameboard might make more sense to allow for a full appreciation of your work.

The choice of material is often defined by the purpose of the game. Game designers typcially use the cardboard version to iterate their prototypes in a cheap and more convenient way, and if this is about a gag among gaming nerds you also might not want to spend big. But if this is the ultimate DIY Stratego version for that good friend of yours, the wooden gameboard might just hit the right spot.

Specifically to round of the games that come as a gift we also offer customisable boxes that match the playing boards. Both in cardboard and as a deluxe wooden version of couse. But even for a board game prototype you might want to order a matching, albeit non-customised, box to store all the other components of your game.

LUUDOO - bringing you customised gift for gamers since 2012

Made in Germany: Our games are produced to the highest standards, matching or surpassing any off the shelf game, in Germany using modern and innvoative methods. We love games and try to make your gifts shine in the best possible light!

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