Create customised playing cards
Create customised playing cards Some of the options for back side designs we provide for our custom card decks An example of customers creative use of LUUDOO's blank playing cards Use your creativity to make the most of our blank playing cards Many of LUUDOO's customers use our custom card decks to create wedding gifts and other presents Our customised playing cards are often printed with unique versions of existing gaming titles Customised accessories for games like Monopoly or Clue are hard to come by, and this deck of blank playing card fits the bill Another great example of a customer printing a unique design on our blank card decks Having a completely blank deck allows you to create whatever design you want As our custom playing cards are often used for gifts, we offer customieable gift boxes Our custom gift boxes for the blank playing cards are made from metal and printed on the lid Present your custom card deck in a beautiful customised gift box! Our metal gift box without the customised print When creating the gift box for your card hand, LUUDOO prints directly on the metal box rather than using a sticker For prototypes for game designers we rather recommend our tuck boxes to protect the blank card deck This is LUUDOO's tuck box for a customised double deck of playing cards

Blank Playing Cards

Full creative licence for your card game

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Make it your own:

Choose from:

  • 55 customised playing cards in shrink foil
  • 110 cards (+€12.00)
  • 165 cards (+€24.00)
  • Protective tuck box (+€1.00)
  • Customised metal box (+€8.00)

55/110/165 blank playing cards – design your own deck

Quality blank playing cards to be printed with your design. Our customised card decks are produced using top quality materials and machinery, and the design process has been refined many times as this is one of our most popular customised game accessories.

Customisable blank playing cards – how to realise your design ideas

You have invented a new card game? You want to create your very own design? Looking for business cards that stand out? Place cards for a playful wedding? Really, really wat to make a deck of cards? Well - absolutely no problem with our blank playing cards.

Our online designer tries to make the process as easy as possible. Do you want all cards with the same back design, or vary the design between cards? Just chose the right option. You want to alter the colour of the frame between different cards within your deck? Just chose the right template. You want us to spread your pre-designed images across all 165 cards? Just click on the right button. You want a traditional looking backside without having to spend too much time? Chose the right template. It's a birthday gift? Chose the other template. It's for a wedding - well, you get the idea...

We see this product used primarily for the following purposes, and we spent a lot of time to optimise the customisation experience for you accordingly:

  • Customising board or card games that we don't offer yet: For the customers who create their own Monopoly variation and need the right cards for it. Or a Clue game. Or Bohnanza. Or Skip-Bo. You name it, we have seen them all in beautifully customised version created using our blank cards. Beware of any copyright infringements though!

  • Prototypes for game designers: A good new game idea goes through many iterations, which you need to test, and that test requires the right cards. Well, we'll happily print them for you. Supporting new game ideas really is what makes our nerdy hearts bit faster.

  • Event cards: These cards are great to hand out to wedding guests, create photo challenges, place cards or even for playful business cards.

  • Training and learning: Really a subset of the game designer bucket, but an important one. We see a lot of corporate strategy sessions enhanced by our cards, or trainings delivered with the help of our customised card decks.

Simply handy or exquisite – your choice of box

As the use cases for this product are so manyfold, we offer a whole range of boxes: No box in case this needs to fit an existing need or you need that prototype as cheaply as possible, simple tuck boxes for protection or transport, or our high specs metal box with a printed design on top for all of the card decks intended as gifts we produce.

Customised card games by Luudoo – top quality for your custom playing cards

Made in Germany - Our custom playing cards are made of casino grade card stock. They are printed on both sides, with a matte lustre and very durable. They are laminated for complete opaqueness, and maximise elasticity and durability for intense gaming use. The quality tin box comes with a fitting inset, depending on the number of cards. A custom deck of playing cards reflects your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift that will give joy for a long time to come!

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