LUUDOO is an expert for corporate card and board games
LUUDOO is an expert for corporate card and board games We produce small and large runs of board and card games as corporate gifts LUUDOO also produces games as gifts for weddings and other family events LUUDOO's magic cubes are very popular for trade shows and trade fairs Game authors use our services to produce prototypes and mini series of new game ideas - also see Corporate card games are a great tool to advertise your products LUUDOO also produces magnetic games in varying quantities - also see We differentiate ourselves by producing even complex games in comporatively small quantities LUUDOO offers a wide range of game components for business customers Our card games can be used to support your business tragets in many different ways For highly bespoke coprorate games plese get in touch with us! Small edition board games are a great and versatile gift for employees Businesses can place many different messages on a card or board game Make sure to communicate your corporate message on LUUDOO's card and board games Card and board games in small runs often serve as educational tools - have a look at LUUDOO produces regularly for schools and universities Corporate trainings can massively benefit from a tailor made game LUUDOO is very flexible to adjust production methods to the required quantities We produce board games starting from very small quantities Card and board games can also serve as a great merchandising tool - feel free to check Produce a small edition game to package your message in a joyful way - as in this example: Hand out one of our small edition games to your contacts at the next trade show or trade fair LUUDOO offers a wide variety of card and board games for buiness customers

Small & large print runs

For businesses, game authors and private events

Price: from

Ships by:

1 - 12 weeks depending on product, quantity and our order books

Make it your own:

  • Gifts for employees / suppliers / partners, for anniversaries / Christmas etc.
  • Giveaways for trade shows/fairs and other corporate events
  • Training material for businesses and educational purposes
  • Merchandising for bands and other artists
  • Prototype and mini series for game authors
  • Souvenirs for gift shop in museums or tourist venues

All quantities: From mini editions to large print runs

Most of our corporate customers order between 200 and 2000 games. But we also manufacture batches starting from just 20 games while offering competitive prices for up to 5000. For orders of more than 5000 units we might offer ourselves or pass you on to one of our partners, depending on type of game and current capacity / capabilities.

We also produce highly bespoke single edition games for a variety of purposes ranging from leaving gifts for board chairs or key employees to corporate events, TV spots and others.

Highly bespoke products catering for every wish

We pride ourselves to fulfill even outlandish customer wishes, enabled through our modern equipment, wide network of partners and ingenuity. From 3D-printed gaming pieces to printing on glass, metal and fabric, from magnetic games to miniature travel versions you can approach us with any wish you might have. At the same time we know how to distill an idea down to its essence in order to manufacture a quality product on tight budgets.

Contrary to many of our competitors we are pride to use our extended network of partners and suppliers in case our in-house capabilities won't do the job. In some cases that might lead us to only produce part of your product and pass you on to one of our partners to manufacture the remainder of the required components - or even the entire game.

Using our expertise to help you pick the right game

With 10 years of experience we know a few things about this market: Which type of game lends itself towards a christmas gift for your staff? What works for a trade fair or trade show? Which game do you want to use to promote your product portfolio? What might works as a leaving gift? And once you settled on a game we can offer some insight into what a certain target audience might expect with regards to specifications, how to achieve a wow-effect when needed and how to make sure your employees feel in fact valued when they receive your corporate christmas gift, all without breaking the bank.

You will also have to navigate questions peculiar to our little world, e. g. long and short term warehousing conditions, how to integrate law compliant safety information into your design, avoiding copyright infringements and others. Our ability to produce a maximum range of order sizes also served us well in the past. Some customers started off with a first prototype to convince internal stakeholders, then tested a small run with a target audience to finally roll out the target production - potentially followed up by further extensions or later production runs to stock up or incorporate new products / pictures / training tools / lessons learned ...

Local and sustainable production

We consider ourselves a European business with German roots. In practice that means manufacturing and sourcing our products nearly exclusively in Europe, with a particular focus on Germany. We obviously adhere to all relevant safety procedures and protocols for the European toy market and push ourselves and our customers to use sustainable material and manufacturing methods whenever possible and appropriate.


Please have a look at some of the business customer we helped realise their corporate game in the past:

Business customer project company games for hotel lobby

Sponsoring game as merchandise at event

Small batch card game for sales promo

Production of leaving gift for chair of the board of directors of LBB

Christmas gift small batch games for suppliers and partners

Games for in house trainings

Card game for coaching sessions

Large production run promo board games for trade show

Promo game Rubik's Cube small batch production for customer acquisition

Card game as communication and learning aid in public awareness raising project

Small batch game for a hotel's marketing event

Employee gift games at company anniversary

Merch games for fanshop small batch

Concentration game with matching product pairs for trade show

Company gift to employees concentration game with team member photos

A unique game to celebrate the departing team leader

Small batch edition game prize in competition organised by public institution

Leaving gift a game for leading team member

Custom-made, special edition game for marketing purposes

Promo game for regional administration

Reaching target customer group with custom-made game

Small batch production game photo studio souvenirs

Custom card games for training and presentation purposes

Custom made games in prize draw for marketing purposes

Games for hand-outs at sponsoring and other company events

Mini edition board games for communications agency

Product launch and presentation aided by custom-designed merchandise games

Our games are great tool for training events and to convey advertising messages

Sports clubs use our games, quartets in particular, as team gifts and merchandise

We work with advertising agencies looking for games produced in small batches

Our games are used a lot by software companies for in house training

Card games in particular are a merchandise classic

Games are an excellent medium for communicating company values to staff

Our branded games entertain guests in hotel lobbies and waiting rooms

We work a lot with design studios and graphic designers in creating games

Use small batch production board or card games as merchandise for your band

We design many games for SMEs

The gift for staff or customers of your company that really stands out

Give your staff a special edition game of your company for its next anniversary

Reward your staff or top customers with an interactive game

Engage your customers with a playful gift

We will produce a game for your trade show stall, in any number of copies

Special edtition games for promoting your company and products

We are experts in the production of games for marketing agencies

We produce special editions of games used as props in TV and theatre

Communicate your ideas with a game - made by Luudoo

Training measures benefit from breaking the ice and shaking things up with a tailor-made game

Our small batch production games are great learning tools for kids and young adults

LUUDOO is a specialist for business customer games

We produce classic card and board games in all quantities

LUUDOO's games are a fantastic tool to support employee trainings

Games for merchandising purposes are a speciality of LUUDOO

We have a lot of expertise producing small and very small card and board game production runs

Corporate training effort benefit from LUUDOO's custom-made games

LUUDOO partners with tourism boards and museum gift shops to create matching card and board games

We produce high specifications single edition games as leaving gifts for well-beloved retiring colleagues

LUUDOO helps you to present your product portfolio by producing a custom Top Trumps game

We support your human resources department by supplementing your training efforts with custom-made games

Turbo-charge your brand reach with a small edition of your own card or board game

LUUDOO helps game inventors and game authors to produce a first mini edition of their game idea

LUUDOO manufacturers complex magnetic games in very small editions starting with 50 games only

In contrast to most of our competition we produce even the smallest number of card or board games if needed

LUUDOO's custom cubes are very popular as Give-Aways at trade shows or trade fairs

Please get in touch with LUUDOO to discuss your own corporate card or board game

We are the right production partner for the development of your card or board game from prototypel to large scale production

Our core expertise ist the production of small to medium size runs of card and board games

Are you looking for somebody to manufacture your educational game? LUUDOO is the perfect partner!

Our customers are impressed by the broad range of manufacturing options for card, board and other parlour games

We have already produced a range of games for universities, schools and other educational establishments

If you want to produce a small run of physical card or board games LUUDOO is your go-to partner

LUUDOO offers the widest possible range to manufacture any sort of parlour game

Card and boar games are a great corporate christmas gift as they will be very welcome in any family setting

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