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Coming Soon Customised cities, settlements, and roads for the settlers of Catan An extraordinary gift: A custom Catan set A gift for any occasion, designed by you and made by Luudoo: custom cities of Catan Create your own cities of Catan Creative design options for the settlers of Catan This settlement of Catan is unique: playing materials for Kosmos' Catan with a personal touch Add your personal touch to the settlers of Catan The ultimate gift for fans of Catan: Your own roads

Cities, settlements, & roads

Customised accessories for Settlers of Catan
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We will launch this product in the coming weeks, please get in touch should you require further information.

Make it your own:

Choose from:

  • 4 customised cities
  • Option: 5 additional customised settlements (+€13.00)
  • Option: 15 additional customised roads (+€22.00)

Custom playing materials for the "Settlers of Catan" - one of a kind cities, settlements, & roads

The board game "Settlers of Catan" has a cult following, and we have the perfect gift for them: with our custom cities, settlements, & roads you can create a stunning surprise for an upcoming birthday, wedding, or any other occasion. How about creating the bride and groom's cities of birth in Catan? Or the first streets they each lived in? Or the village where the wedding takes place? Design and colour are your choice, surely you know or can correctly guess the couple's or the birthday boy or girl's preferences?

Our customised playing materials are suitable for any game involving, say, building, of course. They are a great tool for those developing their own games, too.

Customising playing pieces is a fantastic way to spice up meetings of your gaming crew, or family evenings spent around a playing board. If you give your design as a gift to a real fan, they will be sure to raise heads when setting the stage for the next round of Catan or any other game!

This is how you create your own set of Catan

You may let your creativity run wild when creating this special gift. Upon one click you will offered a choice on a palette of colours and colouring schemes - it's all up to you. Place a message on the cities, and pick another final colour. Then you go back and change everything again as you please, or turn to the settlements next - if you want them. You can choose cities only, as a more economic option or if you're not interested in the settlements.

For special occasions such as weddings or grand anniversaries, you may even want to customise those roads, too. We offer you the option of customising your own full set of cities, settlements, and roads. You have the choice. 

Upon receiving your order, we produce the individual components in our bespoke 3D printing process. The pieces are made of a material that is comparable to sandstone, with (except for the roads) a cavity inside. The pieces are not suitable for infants. They are most suitable for any serious round of Catan, or any other game.

Personalisierte Siedler von Catan-Spielsteine

Note that our production process requires that all pieces are connected by a scaffolding. You have to disconnect the pieces from 'The Spaceship' (please see the product pictures for a larger image), leaving little scars at the breaking points. 

Of course, we are always busy working on our production processes, so we'll let you know here should we come up with a solution even better than our Spaceship. 

Since the 3D printing process is very complex, including numerous post-printing and hardening steps, production and delivery takes a bit longer. Please see the applicable times via the relevant links.

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