Suits you - a set of playing cards designed by you, printed by Luudoo
Suits you - a set of playing cards designed by you, printed by Luudoo Customised playing cards made by Luudoo Give someone a creative gift: playing cards printed with your photos! Choose from our range of templates as you create a unique gift Customise your unique set of playing cards for bridge, poker, or gin - made by Luudoo! A gift for a baptism: A set of customised playing cards made by Luudoo Design your own set of poker cards, made by Luudoo Set of poker cards printed with your holiday photos - give someone a gift of beautiful memories Gin cards customised by you, made by Luudoo A creative gift with a personal touch: Pack of cards and box, all designed by you A creative wedding gift of individually designed playing cards Queen of hearts: the bride takes centre stage in this one of a kind wedding gift Bridge, gin, poker - your photos make every hand a winning hand Photo gift of customised playing cards Custom playing cards printed with your pictures - a creative gift A set of cards designed by you, and made by Luudoo A photo set of customised playing cards for poker, gin, or bridge is a gift with a personal touch Our standard packaging for your customised poker hand

Poker, Gin & Bridge

A very literal poker face...

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  • 55 customised playing cards in standard packaging
  • In customised metal box (+€8.00)

Poker, gin & bridge playing cards – design & print as a photo gift

The principle: How to play this game?

Poker, gin, and bridge are all card games that you can play with this deck of 55 cards. Of course, there are any number of other card games that you may play this this deck of cards. In fact, just in poker, countless variants exist beside the most commonly played Texas hold 'em. So the following is just a small glimpse into the world of card games to be played with your own, unique deck. 


After the mandatory placing small and big blind bets, players receive their cards from the dealer. A number of betting rounds follow, in which players evaluate their own hands, all the while trying to estimate their chances of winning based any clues they may gather from other players such as their respective betting strategies or that hardly perceptible but tell-tale smile. Players may bluff, precautiously—over-precautiously? wisely?—fold, or even go all-in. Eventually, the game ends with the remaining players revealing their cards with the winning hand taking the pot. Poker has turned into a huge, worldwide sport. You can play it competitively and turn pro. If you want. You can also play a round of poker wiht a party of good friends for an entire evening that is mostly filled with banter, laughter, and great conversation. 

Poker game rules


We cannot do justice to the game of bridge in a short description. Whist, a predecessor, has been played for about have a millennium. Four players play in teams of two each, trying to secure tricks for their team. Before the hands are played, however, teams call in an auction to take contracts specifiying how many tricks the declaring side must take to secure the point rewards. Play it just for fun or in a tournament. There are many variants - and with a set of cards made by Luudoo your deck will be truly unique.

Bridge card game rules


Gin was supposedly invented about a century ago at New York City's Knickerbocker Whist Club. For sure, it is one of the most common and renowned tow-player card games. Players assemble combos on their hands, trying to meld them at just the right time, in order to collect points and be first to reach (typically) 100. The history of gin is rich and offers many stories. Jump right in and add your own.

Gin game rules


Game character: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?


Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Poker has experienced a boom all over the world. While poker is a game of luck it is also a game of strategy; and psychology. Of bluffing and keeping your cool. To be played competitively or just for fun and to enjoy good company. Even in the latter case, though, you may experience in incredible thrill as you just get away with your big bluff. 


Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Luck is key as you are dealt your hands randomly. From there on in, skill takes over. Besides strategy, your memory is key. Allegedly, a court case in the 1960s ruled that gin is, in fact, a game of skill rather than just luck. But you may want to decide for yourself. 


Luck: ++++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Like other card games, bridge has a strong element of luck (although there are tournament modes that seek to effectively eliminate this element of luck). But bridge also requires skill and even the most skilled players tend to consider themselves life-long learners. Unlike many other card games, bridge is also a team game. You and your partner will need to communicate effectively to succeed. It takes more than your individual skills but your skills as a team, too.  

Your poker, gin, & bridge cards – design them with your photos and text

Design your own deck of playing cards for poker, gin, bridge, and countless other card games. It will be an ideal present for any birthday, or wedding, for Christmas, or a stag do. Luudoo provides you the opportunity of replacing jacks', queens', kings' and jokers' images with your own photos and pictures. Whether the deck is intended for your weekly poker night, as a bridge that you give your grandparents for Christmas, or a deck of gin cards that will allow you and your partner to reminisce some of your favourite holidays - you decide what the cards look like. Keep the standard images or replace and edit them at will, your creativity is trump. 

Of course, you can edit every image individually. For instance, you may choose pictures of the same person in different times and situations for an anniversary. You have the option of classically mirrored double images, or to pick a single image covering the entire face of the card, with more space for all the details of what happened at the hen do. 

You get to design the backs of the cards, too. Choose from a range of templates and a palette of colours. Write text messages and include images. We support your creativity, e.g, by offering wedding or birthday specific templates. But we won't curtail it.

Finally, a classy gift needs a classy box. We offer you to present your gift in our unique customised metal box, which will undoubtely leave a lasting impression with the recipient of this customised poker. Again, we offer you design templates matching the most likely reasons for this gift, i. e. birthdays, weddings, christmas and others. If this is just a little reminder of your love, you might decide to just stick with the cards though, we leave that decision to you.

Customised games by Luudoo – the original gift of the highest quality

Made in Germany - Whether packaged in a standard tuck box or the special metal box, we deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. The playing cards are made of casino grade playing card cardboard at 300g/m². They are printed on both sides, with a matte cellophane finish. They are additionally laminated for complete opaqueness, and maximise elasticity and durability for intense gaming use. Customised games by Luudoo are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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