Customised gaming discs for board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk, and many more
Customised gaming discs for board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk, and many more Your game with custom round pawns made by LUUDOO Gaming discs, custom printed in time for Christmas Wooden playing discs for backgammon, draughts, checkers, or 9 men's morris - in two colours and printed with your photos Realise your own game ideas with this printable pawns from LUUDOO Our wooden gaming discs make a classy addition to your wedding gift

Wooden Discs

Unique game discs with your pictures

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Christmas deadlines

Standard delivery:

Countries neighbouring Germany: 17/12, 21:00

Rest of Europe: 12/12, 21:00

Express delivery:

All countries: 18/12, 21:00

(Standard delivery times pre-deadline)

Make it your own:

  • Your images printed on top
  • All discs alike or with individual images on every single one
  • Choose the right quantity from a range of options
  • Discs can be ordered either dark OR light only, or as a 50/50 mix of dark AND light
  • Specifications custom playing disks

Choose from:

  • 10 customised wooden discs
  • 20 discs (+€4.00)
  • 30 discs (+€6.00)

Customised wooden playing discs – for use in games and more

Our customised round gaming tokens are best known as the pawns in backgammon, nine men's morris, or draughts (checkers). Our customiseable discs are very versatile though and can be used for a wide variety of games. As they are nearly indestructible while easy to handle at the same time, the might work well in customised board games for kids, where our slightly more intricate upright gaming pieces might still pose a challenge. Please note that our game are still only allowed for children of three years of age and up! LUUDOO's customised round tokens come in two colours to create different teams in any game, but you can also choose to only purchase one colour for your customised gaming project.

Round pawns – how to add your personal touch

Round game tokens are usefull in a wide range of games, from custom made murder weapons in the game Cluedo to customised victory points. But we have seen many other ways to put this product to use – from earrings to Christmas tree decoration. Set your imagination free and design every disc with an individual image; or choose a motif running through all pieces of one colour. All images are on the pieces' top faces and will be visible during game play.

Customised games by Luudoo – the highest quality for your design

Made in Germany - We guarantee high quality, individual games. We try to source our materials as sustainably as possible and only source materials from European suppliers. Final production happens in Germany from where we send our products.

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