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3D playing pieces

Playing pieces, created in your own image
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Coming Soon!

We will launch this product in the coming weeks, please get in touch should you require further information.

Make it your own:

  • Your mug as a 3D playing piece
  • Choice of hair cut and hair colour
  • Change age or sex
  • Your name on the plinth
  • Plinth colours: red, green, blue, yellow, black, purple, white, and light blue
  • Dimensions 3D playing pieces

Choose from:

  • 1 copy of 1 figurine (1 piece in total)
  • 2 copies of 1 figurine (2 pieces in total) (+€26.00)
  • 4 copies of 1 figurine (4 pieces in total) (+€78.00)
  • 1 copy of 4 figurines (4 pieces in total) (+€78.00)
  • 2 copies of 4 figurines (8 pieces in total) (+€185.00)
  • 4 copies of 4 figurines (16 pieces in total) (+€395.00)
  • 1 copy of 8 figurines (8 pieces in total) (+€185.00)
  • 2 copies of 8 figurines (16 pieces in total) (+€395.00)
  • 4 copies of 8 figurines (32 pieces in total) (+€810.00)

The unique photo gift - individual 3D playing piece based on your photo

Portraits of people that are dear to us trigger happy emotions in us. That's why we often give photos of our loved ones as a gift, on all kinds of occasions, like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. We offer you a truly special way of giving someone's likeness as a gift! With our 3D playing pieces you can hold true-to-life sculptures of loved ones in your hand, and you can use them in manifold ways - as an alternative to the classic portrait photo on your desk, for instance; attach it to your key ring; or use it as a most extravagant place card at a wedding.

The classic use, of course, is as playing piece: A king, queen, or pawn in chess, a meeple in Monopoly, or a rather good-looking figurine in Cluedo, just to give some examples.

Select from the following single colours or colour sets for the plinths:

  • Single colour - Black - White - Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Purple - Light blue

  • 4 colour set - Black - Red - Yellow - Green

  • 8 colour set - Black - White - Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Purple - Light blue

You have the option of ordering one, two, or four 3D pieces each per colour.

This is how easy it is for you

From a single portrait photo (frontal view) we compute a lifelike 3D model of a loved one. The head is automatically set on a mono-coloured plinth, turning it into a little bust. But that's not all. You may apply manifold, yet easy to use options to play with and morph those lifelike 3D heads. Surprise your friends with a new hair cut (and hair colour); switch on the time machine to make them just a little older (or younger); or, if you are looking for a change of sex, we will be happy to oblige. From a single piece up to sets of 32, you have the choice from a broad range of options. You can choose the colour for each individual plinth. In addition, you can even inscribe them with names. Whatever you choose, it will bring heaps of fun for you and the recipients of your gift. Whenever you feel you have completed your creative process, we will print your 3D pieces with a state of the art 3D printer, in colour and with impressive precision. The entire process is extremely complex, increasing delivery times to 11-12 working days (depending on shipping method).

3D playing pieces made by Luudoo – the original gift of the highest quality

The figurines are fine-detailed and the sandstone of which they are made has a pleasant feel, much like a great (and much bigger) sculpture - a treat for the eye, and feeling great in your hand. We translate your creativity into unique little sculptures. We literally put your loved ones on a pedestal!

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