Customised chess games by LUUDOO, a perfect gift idea for any occasion
Customised chess games by LUUDOO, a perfect gift idea for any occasion Need a gift for a chess fan? Try LUUDOO's customised chess sets! Customised chess set with pieces designed by you Custom 3D chess pawns from your photo - only by LUUDOO Birthdays, Christmas, weddings - whatever the occasion, here you'll always find the right motif for you chess set Choose from a range of designs for the surprise that you are planning Design the chess boards with your own images Design a wooden chess set yourself as a gift on special occasions Creatively customised chess boards with your pictures Our customised chess set is available in cardboard, too Surprise your chess playing friends with a personal gift Photo chess made of cardboard - a gift with a personal touch Great range of design options to choose from for your gift We offer a wide range of templates and colours for our customised chess boards Get a chess fan these great, practical pieces made from plastic ... ...or surprise the birthday child with wooden chess pieces! Chess pieces designed by you and individually made by us on the basis of your photos For especially important occasions we recommend our customised chess pieces! Design king or queen yourself, simply using your own photos Chess pieces designed by you yourself are an outstanding gift If you customise just the king or the queen of the chess set, you can order a complement of 3D printed pieces Customising queen and king, and combining them with a set of wooden pieces is an economical gift option Our standard gift box should you decide against a customised box for your chess game Unique 3D chess pieces for a very personal gift Customised chess pieces, e.g. for a birthday present A chess set with customised pieces - a photo gift of the highest quality Chess pieces designed by yourself for a chess gift of the highest quality Individual 3D chess pieces are a gift option


Who wants to be king and queen?

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Make it your own:

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  • Customised cardboard board in standard packaging, plastic chessmen
  • In customised cardboard box (+€15.00)
  • Deluxe: Customised wooden chess board and wooden box, plastic pieces (+€30.00)
  • Wooden chessmen instead of plastic ones (+€12.00)
  • Queen & king customised, complemented wooden chessmen (+€150.00)
  • Queen & king customised, complemented with corresponding 3D-printed chessmen (+€300.00)
  • All chessmen customised (+€800.00)

Design and print a customised Chess game with LUUDOO

The principle: How to play this game?

Chess means "the royal game". In this strategic board game, two players take turns moving their pieces - king, queen, rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns - on the chess board, trying to capture the opponent's king, called a "checkmate". Chess truly is the king of board games, and will provide boundless joy for those willing to stretch their minds. 

Chess rules / instructions

Game character: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Chess is played just for fun as well as competitively. It is one of the most complex board games, with nearly infinitely many possible positions. After just two moves, 72,084 different positions can be created. But not just ambitious pros enjoy playing chess. Everyone who tries playing chess will be fascinated how every game is different and unique. Focus your mind on chess and it will reward you with many hours and days of fun in an enjoyable atmosphere. 

How you create your unique chess set

We provide for you a wide range of options for designing your chess set, always following the objective to build on the noble character of the game. A palette of colours is available for the squares on the wooden board. You have the option of placing a message for the bride and groom, or your wishes for the birthday child in various locations on the board. The wooded box can be selected from an array of designs, and further customised according to the occasion and, as you fancy, with your own text and images. Beside standard sets of either plastic or wooden pieces, you can go for 3d pieces, customised and manufactured exclusively for you by Luudoo. Why not let the families of bride and groom compete on a chessboard? Or let the departments of your business step up to capture their opposing side's head of department, aka king?

EXCLUSIVE OPTION - 3D playing pieces from your photos

If you are looking for something truly special, something as unique as the occasion or the recipient of the gift, then you may want to choose the next dimension of individual customisation. From a single portrait photo (frontal view) we compute a lifelike 3D model of a loved one. But that's not all. You may apply manifold, yet easy to use options to play with and morph those lifelike 3D heads. Surprise your friends with a new hair cut (and hair colour); switch on the time machine to make them just a little older (or younger); or, if you are looking for a change of sex, we will be happy to oblige. Whatever you choose, it will bring heaps of fun for you and the recipients of your gift. Whenever you feel you have completed your creative process, we will print your 3D pieces with a state of the art 3D printer, in colour and with impressive precision. The entire process is extremely complex, increasing delivery times to 11-12 working days (depending on shipping method).  

Customised games by Luudoo – the original gift of the highest quality

Made in Germany - whether the classic carton or fine wood, we deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. Customised games by Luudoo are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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