Give someone a backgammon set custom-designed for Christmas!
Give someone a backgammon set custom-designed for Christmas! LUUDOO's customised backgammon set are the ultimate gift for lovers of this game Do you need a great leaving gift? Look no further and chose a customised backgammon set by LUUDOO. When creating an individual gift, printing pictures on the backgammon tokens is an important addition to the appeal of this board game Create unique dice and print pictures of the recipients of your gift to complent your customised backgammon Do you want to surprise your grandparents with something special? Create a customised backgammon. High quality customised gift ideas are our speciality We print single edition wooden game boards for backgammon and other board games A custom made backgammon board makes for a great birthday surprise Create a gift as individual as your relationship with the birthday boy or girl There are no limits to your creativity when designing LUUDOO's custom backgammon games You can customise backgammon to be a very personal birthday or wedding gift A unique backgammon as a personal gift - including customised wooden playing pieces Every game we produce is special, whether backgammon, chess, draughts or anything else Give you co-worker a leaving gift to remember by creating a customised backgammon set Some people seem to have everything already. But not a backgammon set designed by you because that is unique! LUUDOO's customised backgammon is a fantastic christmas gift for grandparents Placing your own pictures on a backgammon board turns a standardised game into a very special gift When it comes to wedding gifts, we know that our customised backgammon finished in wood are a winner Customising backgammon as a gift for Christmas or birthdays Bride and groom on the gaming pieces of a customised backgammon make for a great wedding gift A customised backgammon made by Luudoo is a wonderful photo gift for Grandma, Grandpa, uncle or auntie A customised backgammon set with your message for the birthday boy LUUDOO exculsively offers the customisation of dice used for backgammon Our custom gifts are always finished at a high quality, using wood and other natural raw materials wherever we can LUUDOO tries to avoid the use of any unnecessary plastic even when it comes to our standard components Our standard gift box, should you not chose a custom box for your backgammon


A gift for two players at close quarters

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Make it your own:

Choose from:

  • Customised cardboard board in standard packaging, wooden tokens
  • + Customised cardboard box (+€15.00)
  • Deluxe: Customised wooden board and box (+€35.00)
  • + Customised wooden tokens (+€5.00)
  • + Customised dice (+€12.00)

Customised backgammon – create a unique gift for a couple!

The principle: How to play backgammon?

Backgammon was developed by the Romans, building on the Egyptian Sennet, the roots of which reach back into the third millennium BCE. The objective of the game is move all of your pieces into your home quarter of the board, and then off the board and home. Players must strategically use the results of rolling two dice to move their own pieces past the opponent's pieces, try to block, isolate and capture opposing stones, all while avoiding the same fate for their own pieces. There is an element of luck, and no game is more relaxing over a cup of tea. But you can turn luck into probabilities and stats and get super-competitive, too. 

Backgammon rules / instructions

Game character: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Backgammon is quite unique in combining elements of strategy and luck. It is at the same time intellectually demanding and relaxing - and always entertaining. A fortuitous dice roll, perhaps a high pair, may give a random advantage to either player at any point. Yet a skilled player may use any dice roll for maximum gain and so maximise her chances. Also, the rules are simple and a game doesn't take long, so it's no surprise that backgammon is a favourite in coffee shops around the world. 

Your individual backgammon – design options for placing text and pictures

We provide for you a wide range of options for designing your backgammon set, always following the objective to build on the noble character of the game. A palette of colours are available for the wooden board. Depending on your chosen template and occassion, you have the option of placing a message for the bride and groom, or your wishes for the birthday child in various locations on the board. You will also be able to place pictures of the happy recipient of your gift. Boxes can be selected from an array of design templates, and further customised according to the occasion and, as you fancy, with your own text and images. And, again depending on the occassion, you might decide for a wooden game, rather than the cardboard version.

Should you also choose customised wooden pieces, you can select one picture for all pieces of one colour, or you can select a picture for each playing piece individually. Why not let the families of bride and groom line up for a game of backgammon? Or let the departments of your business step up to see which team will make it home first? Finally, we allow you to replace the dice and replace the number 6 with a picture of your grandparents, lover, friend or whoever you regale with this unique gift!

Customised games by LUUDOO – innovative gifts of the highest quality

Made in Germany - whether the classic carton or fine wood, we deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. Customised games by LUUDOO are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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