Customised canasta card decks by LUUDOO
Customised canasta card decks by LUUDOO A personal birthday or Christmas gift: playing cards designed by you A customised deck of Canasta cards for the grandparents' wedding anniversary A full double deck of playing cards, custom printed for you, is an exquisite Christmas gift Choose the right template for any occasion from our huge selection Create a personal gift for weddings or leaving parties - a set of playing cards with your photos, made by Luudoo A unique photo edition: playing cards are a creative gift for grandma or grandpa A custom Canasta edition for a birthday or a leaving party Photo playing cards of a custom Canasta edition - playing cards as a special gift Pictures of the bride & groom grace a wedding gift of custom playing cards Surprise the wedding couple and everyone else up for a game of Canasta, with a special edition designed by you Customised playing cards - designed by you, made by Luudoo Custom Canasta, for birthdays, weddings, leaving parties, and any other special occasion Tuck box for customised double card deck from LUUDOO

Canasta (Rummy)

Turn yourselt into his Queen of Hearts

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  • 2x55 customised playing cards in a clear plastic box
  • + customised tin box (+€8.00)

Custom double card deck for Canasta, Rummy and others

The principle: How to play this game?

This game is so many games. Too many, indeed, to mention them all. There exist probably as many variants of rummy as there are families. Let's mention a few:
500 Rum, 5000 Rum, Bing rummy, Continental, Cuajo, Desmoche, German Rummy, Indian Marriage, Indonesian rummy (remi), Machiavelli, Marriage, Red  three rummy, Panguingue, Penang rummy, Scala 40, Seven bridge, Shanghai rum, Speed Rummy, Ten pennies, Three thirteen, Tong-its, Treppenrommé, Contract rummy, Kalooki, Dummy rummy, Carioca, Phase 10, Liverpool rummy, Zioncheck, Conquian, Robbers' rummy, Buraco, Biriba, Canasta, Hand & Foot, Samba, Mille, Gin rummy, Indian Rummy, Rumino, Tonk (aka Tunk), Viennese Rummy, ...

With this full double deck of  2x52 playing cards, plus 6 jokers, you have the whole gamut of cards games at your finger tips, from Bridge to Solitair, from Canasta to Poker, and everything in between or beyond. For this reason, we restricted our efforts to provide you with game instructions to one of the most popular ones, Canasta:

Canasta - rules

Game character: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: +++++ - +++++  Strategy: +++++ - +++++ Fun: +++++ - +++++

Game characters of card games are as varied as the range of games is large. There are iffy solitaire games, simple fun family games like Canasta, and there are full-fledged competitive games like bridge and poker that you can keep learing and will never exhaust. 

Your custom card deck – how create a unique design using your own text & pictures

We offer you the possibility of individually customising playing cards by replacing the original pictures of jacks, queens, kings, and jokers with your own. Whether you choose friends, family members, pets, favourite cars, planets, or whatever else is completely up to you fancy and the occasion and person this card game will be a gift for. Be efficient and choose the same picture for all of the jacks in the card deck for your godparents; or spend some time getting creative, and pick a picture for each queen individually, as you design a special wedding edition; if in a hurry before Christmas, you can design the king, and keep the original jacks and queens. (And if you're really running late, why not get a gift voucher, which will keep you all of the options.) You also have the choice between a single image for the entire card and the classically mirrored image.

For the playing card backs, we offer you a range of templates to choose from. Whichever template you use, you have the option of including your own text and pictures. Finally, you have the option of choosing a tin box, which you may design with your text and pictures, drawing on a range of templates. Place birthday wishes on the cards; or pictures of the wedding couple on the box; or do anything else - over to you and your creativity! 

Customised games by Luudoo – the original gift of the highest quality

Made in Germany - Whether it's the standard box or the special tin box, we deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. The playing cards are made of casino grade playing card cardboard at 300g/m². They are printed on both sides, with a matte finish. They are completely opaque by using a black layer in the middle, and maximise elasticity and durability for intense gaming use. Customised games by LUUDOO are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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