LUUDOO's customised dice are a great gift idea, especially for kids
LUUDOO's customised dice are a great gift idea, especially for kids Do you want to give an innovative gift? Try our custom-made gaming dice! We print the picture of your choice on these quality gaming dice. Custom-made dice are a fantastic christmas gift, when the family comes together to play games anyway. Photo-dice from LUUDOO are unique gift ideas This will be a real winner at any kid's birthday party - custom-made dice from LUUDOO Are you looking to surprise your partner this Christmas? Give them a dice with their picture as a custom-made print! LUUDOO's photo dice are excellent gifts for gamers Individually printed gaming dice from LUUDOO Our customized dice are great gifts for grandparents come Xmas When you meet up with your friends to play, impress them with a custom-made die A custom-made gift will always impress more than an of the shelf one, whether that's for a birthday, wedding or Christmas LUUDOO is an expert shop for custom-made game accessories, inluding dice Use our customised gaming dice to enhance a Yahtzee set, or a Monopoly or Clue game These custom dice are a great gift for children and games, whether they want to use them for Risk or Yatsy!

Photo Dice

Role your friends!

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Christmas deadlines

Standard delivery:

Countries neighbouring Germany: 17/12, 21:00

Rest of Europe: 12/12, 21:00

Express delivery:

All countries: 18/12, 21:00

(Standard delivery times pre-deadline)

Make it your own:

  • Put your own picture on the side "6"
  • Different shape templates matching all occasions:
    circle, heart, octagon and various star shapes
  • Specifications customised dice

Choose from:

  • 1 customised die
  • 2 customised dice (+€5.00)
  • 5 customised dice (+€16.00)
  • In customised metal box (+€8.00)

Photo dice printed with your pictures

Print your onw picture on a die

Replace the number 6 on a normal die with a picture of your choice - usually something that will please the recipient of this classic gift. Whether it's bride and groom for a wedding, your favorite pet for a family game or a portrait of the birthday child.

Which games will benefit from customised dice?

Our custom-made dice are the ultimate accessory for any customised game, as dice are used in such a wide variety of board games. Whatever you print on these dice can either be a reflection of the taste of the gift recipient or simply used to add extra spice to an existing game. Let your fantasy run amok to come up with the best idea to craft a smile and a cry of surprise once the gift wrapping has been torn away.

Our customised dice are also an obvious accessory for other well-know gaming tiles like Monopoly, Clue, Catan, Risk and many others. The clearest match is Yahtzee (aka Yatsy, Balut or various other names) though.

What occasion will benefit most from the individual dice?

In our experience the dice, two in this case, are a popular gift for couples, wishing them well on their wedding day or Valentine's. It's also a classic gift for children as it can be used so universally across different games. Finally we see it given as a souvenir for an event, e. g. family gatherings, christenings, stag or hen dos and such like.

Customised gift games by LUUDOO - quality made in Europe

The blanks for our dice are made on the same production lines as the ones used for any classic parlour game. We only source raw materials in Europe and produce the final product in Germany, satisfying all safety and quality requirements.

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