Gaming materials that match the game Settlers of Catan, a fine gift for a wedding or any other occasion
Gaming materials that match the game Settlers of Catan, a fine gift for a wedding or any other occasion Customised landscape tiles are the perfect gift for Catan fans Catan accessories for birthday or Christmas Give someone these customised tiles to supplement a Settlers of Catan Create extensions for the Settlers of Catan, enriched by your own ideas Photo hexagons printed by LUUDOO with your pictures Christmas present - accessories for a customised Setters of Catan set Design your own hexagonal game boards using images from google maps! Customise your own landscape tiles Perfect as an addition for the Catan - Seafarers extension: Landscape tiles designed by you Blank hexagonal landscape tiles, printed with your own photos Customised landscape tiles are a creative gift idea for fans of Settlers A fitting addition for gme extensions like Seafarers, Cities & Knights, Traders & Barbarians, or Explorers & Pirates A creative birthday gift idea: Landscape tiles that enrich a customised Settlers of Catan game Design your own landscape tile as a gift to your board gaming crew Customise existing board games with your own ideas Celebrate your playing friends by including them in the landscapes of Catan Bring back memories of holidays on landscape tiles designed by you A guaranteed surprise: Holiday pictures on landscape tiles for gaming afficionados A creative Christmas gift with a personal touch: customised hexagons by LUUDOO Design your own acccessories for a custom Settlers of Catan Playing materials for Klaus Teuber's classic "Settlers of Catan" Self-designes Settlers landscape tiles are a fab birthday surprise

Hexagons (landscape tiles)

Start settling new gaming horizons
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  • 12 customised hexagons
  • 18 hexagons (+€6.00)
  • 24 hexagons (+€10.00)
  • In non-customised tin box (+€4.00)
  • In customised tin box (+€8.00)

Hexagon landscape tiles - suitable for "Settlers of Catan" and other games

Hexagons are outstandingly useful as landscape tiles for building dynamic, changeable playing boards. The "Settlers of Catan" are perhaps the most famous example. Therefore our customisable blank tiles are ideally suited for "Catan". Design unique landscapes and worlds for your loved ones, e.g. by taking past homes of bride and groom from google maps, or delve through your holiday photos to select mountains, deserts, and beaches that you visited together with the birthday girl or boy.

As our hexagons have the same dimensions as the Settlers' landscape tiles, you can combine them with the classic game and its many extension like Seafarers, Cities & Knights, Traders & Barbarians, or Explorers & Pirates. For the really creative, an obvious option is to use our blank hexagons to design entirely new scenarios. Please keep in mind that this product is not an official part of the "Settlers of Catan" family of products and our landscapes will always have different look and feel than the original game!

Ultimately, all our gaming materials are made for those inventors and game developers who wish to produce prototypes, rapidly, with complete flexibility, yet still of the highest quality; just as they are made for all other creative folks, looking for say, custom beer mats (well, you are the creative ones, we just make the tools for you to express yourselves). In any case, we wish you a tonne of fun as you start customising, designing, inventing, creating, and perhaps giving resulting works to a loved one.

This is how you design your unique landscapes

Our goal is to leave you as much freedom as possible in designing your ("Catan") landscape tiles, so that you can create a gift that fits the occasion. Therefore you can use your own photos and images at will, and transform them with our image processing tools. You also have a choice between a borderless print, albeit cutting of a very slight proportion of the edges, or a choice of mono-coloured border frames.

If you wish to use your hexagons for a unique gift edition of the "Settlers of Catan", a yellow border frame might be the obvious choice but, who knows, perhaps you feel that a white border frame is more suitable for a wedding gift, or you happen to know the birthday boy's favourite colour and go with that. Probably the best options is to jump right in and start designing your game. You will get a sense of all the possibilities, without having to commit to anything at this point.

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