Create a custom UNO card game with LUUDOO
Create a custom UNO card game with LUUDOO Customised UNO cards for occasion like birthdays and first days at school A great gift: A custom deck of UNO playing cards for afficionados Design your own set of UNO cards for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion Customised UNO cards in Mattel's original design Surprise your godchild with a set of UNO cards designed by yourself Add a personal touch to Mattel's classic UNO with your own photos Customised UNO playing cards are an exquisite Christmas gift - with your personal touch Light up smiles with our photo UNO under the Christmas tree Place your own photos on the customised UNO playing cards made by Luudoo


Skip, +2 and +4 just got personal!

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Customise our photo UNO with your own pictures

The principle: How to play this game?

UNO is one of the most successful card games in the world. Its simple rules make it easy to jump right into the fun. The objective is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible, and to accumulate the most points across rounds of play. Many families have their own special rules, of course, and there exist entire catalogues of more or less official special rules. In cooperation with Cartamundi and Mattel, we offer you the possibility of creating not just your own rules, but your own, official yet unique UNO playing cards!

UNO game rules

Game character: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: ++++Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Folks, including young kids, love UNO because lucky card draws give you a big boost, and a number of special cards may let you turn the tables at any moment. And, let's be honest, not much beats snatching victory from those jaws of defeat.

Your photo UNO – customised with your own pictures

The most important cards in UNO surely are those special cards: Let someone skip, or draw a card, change the direction of play, or select the colour to play. These cards and their special moments are what it's all about - and they are the cards that you get to design. Whether you choose pictures of your son's mates as they look forward to their first day at school or perhaps parents and godparents of the birthday girl - you decide what suits the occasion!

And so your work of art isn't hidden away, our customised photo UNO comes in a cardboard box with a little transparent window offering a glimpse of your creative, personal, and unique card game gift. 

Customised games by Luudoo – the original gift of the highest quality

Made in Europe - Our customised UNO playing cards are produced by our partnering playing card experts in Belgium, who send it straight to you so that you can hold it in your hands or place it as a gift without any delays. You will receive durable, casino grade playing cards with a matte finish - a top quality product without any compromises (which, of course, fulfils every health and safety standard). Should you ever feel that you are less than satisfied with our product, please do contact our support at any time!

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