A heart-shaped Concentration set for a bit of lateral thinking, made by LUUDOO
A heart-shaped Concentration set for a bit of lateral thinking, made by LUUDOO LUUDOO presents an extraordinary wedding gift Create a special gift for your love: A game of matching hearts lock & key You can link our heart-shaped Concentration tiles any way you choose Explore your imagination and creativity as you design this very personal gift An excellent memento of shared holidays The heart-shaped game of Concentration with a twist We make sure to provide you with a worthy box for your customised gift Create a gift for bride & groom that is guaranteed to stand out The hearts are not identical but match - you define how they complement each other! A beautiful gift to cherish your family Our gift boxes keep your games safe and in good shape for a long time to come Let the birthday girl or boy guess which hearts belong together This elaborate gift idea will be a source of many joyful games Customise the gift box to suit the occasion Special holidays deserve special mementos - our heart-shaped Concentration is an excellent solution A printed tin box on the birthday table will turn heads! Holiday memories that are truly playful: Matching hearts lock & key made by LUUDOO Create a lasting memory with our customisable gift options LUUDOO is your purveyor of heart-shaped Concentration sets printed with your own photos Our gift boxes are high quality and will turn heads towards the gift table

Matching Hearts: lock & key

What is the bond that links these hearts?

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Make it your own:

Choose from:

  • 32 (16 pairs) customised cards in standard box
  • 64 (32 pairs) customised cards (+€10.00)
  • In customised metal box (+€4.00)

Print your own matching hearts

The principle: How to play this game?

Everyone has played matching pairs. Every one has played matching pairs with photo tiles. But matching photo hearts is a little bit special. And the pairs stand out even more when they are not identical but complement each other, linked by a common theme - as chosen by you. 

As usual, all tiles are shuffled and arranged face down before the starting player chooses two tiles and turns them face up. If they make a pair–as one heart shows a childhood photo of the adult smiling on the other heart, for instance – the player bags the pair and takes another turn. Otherwise, she turns the tiles face down again and the next player takes his turn. Whoever collects the most pairs wins the game. 

Lock and key matching pairs game instructions

Game charakter: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Concentration is a family game classic. The twist added by the type of bond linking the matching hearts, can make the game a lot more complex. Simple themes, such as  heart showing a person or an object linked to the heart showing a zoomed detail of the same person or object, make for great playing experiences even for smaller kids. If you have to, say, make the link between an artist's self-portrait and one of his other pictures, things can get a lot more challenging pretty quickly.

Some ideas for designing matching, but not identical, hearts

Our matching but unidentical pairs are just pure joy because our customers get so creative. Traditionally, heart-shaped pairs suit couples and any related occasions. So they make for amazing wedding gifts, celebrating anniversaries, Valentine's Day and the like But this does not exclude pets and their owners; proud motorists and their machines; families and their unique and personal games; and whatever you choose to come up with. 

Common variants include:

  • Baby or childhood photos and matched with adult picutres of all the wedding guests

  • Wedding guests on their own and together on a photo with the bride and groom

  • Pictures of the couple, with one heart showing her, the other heart showing him

  • Photos of the couple from different stages in their lives, or celebrating special moments. 

  • Holiday photos, with the couple matched to the location where the photos was taken

  • Wedding photos, with one heart showing the total, matched to another showing a zoomed detail

  • Wedding guests as pairs, with each heart showing one half of the respective pair

  • plus so many, many more...

We constantly work to maximise your creative freedom. As many of our customers do not use photos for the tiles' backs but prefer the date of the wedding, or the names of the pair, we have created a few convenient text templates. Because our matching hearts are always special, we deliver them in high quality metal boxes, which you can design, too - choose from a range of templates, arrange a photo, or two, or many, and place a personal message for the couple, from the couple, or... it's up to you!

LUUDOO produces unique gift editions of well-known games at the highest quality

Made in Germany - We deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. Customised games by Luudoo are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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