Customised Ludo / Pachisi - coming soon!
Customised Ludo / Pachisi - coming soon! For the wedding couple: A Ludo / Pachisi set for the bride and groom A game gift, designed by you for the entire family Huge range of templates for your custom deisgn of the board Place a surprise under the Christmas tree: A customised game for the whole family The right gift for every occasions - with our great selection of templates for your design of the box Photo ludo with customised figurines - made by Luudoo! Uniquely design playing pieces for this family classic Custom figurines for your unique family edition High quality wood meeples and cord drawstring pouch for your gift Design your own ludo / pachisi for birthdays and other special occasions Create a playful birthday surprise Ideal for anniversaries: A custom 'Chill!' made by Luudoo Design your very own, unique family edition An example from our customers: a custom ludo / pachisi board Custom slot-in pieces for your personal edition of 'Chill!' Coming soon Game boards of the highest quality - designed by you Creative gaming fun - designed by you, made by your custom games specialist, LUUDOO Gift recipients unwrap sculptures of themselves! Custom figurines Design custom figurines for 'Chill!' Your personal 3D figurine for 'Chill!' and any other boardgame A creative gift for weddings or birthdays: A custom-made 3D figurine Custom-made little sculptures: Surprise your grandparents with life-like 3D figurines There is grandpa making a dash for the endzone on the Chill! board Add some real flair as you create figurines of your loved ones Looking for a wedding gift? Custom figurines are personal and unique Recipients unwrap figurines of themselves: Great smiles guaranteed (if they like the hair do;) Custom figurines of grandchildren, part of a very special family game High quality playing accessories made by Luudoo Set your creativity free Chill! (Ludo/Pachisi)

Chill! (Ludo/Pachisi)

Kicking somebody out just got a bit more personal...

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Coming Soon!

We will launch this product in the coming weeks, please get in touch should you require further information.

Make it your own:

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  • Customised board in standard packaging, all made from cardboard, wooden pawns & 2 wooden dice
  • Customised board and packaging made from wood instead of cardboard version (+€25.00)
  • Customised pawns replacing standard pawns (+€10.00)
  • Customised 3D pawns replacing standard pawns (+€420.00)

Your own unique "Chill!" – Creating a personal photo gift

This family classic game about derailing grandma, grandpa, parents, siblings as you all try to get your meeples home is derived from the ancient Indian Pachisi. At Luudoo you can create your very own edition. By inserting colours, text, and photos, you add your personal touch. Just don't take it personal and, whoever boots who, remeber to Chill! If you are looking for an outstanding gift for grandma or grandpa's special birthday, a wedding, a wedding or leaving party, or simply something extraordinary for your family, then this might be for you.

The principle: Are the rules customised, too?

No need! Who wouldn't remember from their childhood days how to roll the dice and scramble for your individual finish zone. And how to kick out some of your opponents along the way. There may be as many sets of rules as there are families. So you may have yours whatever the 'official' rules may be, and we certainly won't mess with them. We let you customise the game board and box, with your colours, your text, and your photos. It is all up to your creativity, we just provide the handy tools.

Game charakter: Just right for every generation!

Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Simple rules and the ultimate joy of throwing a spanner in the works at just the right time make this board game classic an all-time family favourite. Especially with a personally customised edition, including playing pieces with pictures of your loved ones. Dice rolls determining how far your pieces may move create a significant element of luck. But by cleverly choosing which piece you move, you will slowly but surely carve out an advantage - until you get the boot. 

Chill! Your design options

You may design your very own custom edition according to your wishes and preferences, including your own text and photos. Based on a range of templates—you will find what your need for birthdays, weddings, or any other occasion—you may choose text and colours for the board and the box. Place pictures on the starting squares; print a message on the board; and choose a colour scheme. Whatever suits you or the recipient of your gift. By the way, did you know you could select a heart-shaped board. Whether Valentine's Day is creeping up or there's a big wedding anniversary to celebrate - match fun with heart-shaped love, it's a great recipe.

You may add a further personal touch by adding custom figurines, based on their photos. Just as long as you Chill! when the birthday girl, your mother in law, kicks you off the board as you're about to make it home. 

EXKLUSIVE OPTION: Customised 3D figurines based on your photos

Luudoo lets you boot your family members off the Pachisi board. Well, their photo playing pieces, and even figurines computed and 3D printed from their photos. Chill! - it's just a game. But a game that will be intense fun with those sculptures available nowhere else in the world but here. Choose this option and our software will compute a lifelike 3D bust of your loved on from just a single mug shot. Choose a hair cut and type a name for plinth, and we will produce the little scupture in a state-of-the-art plaster 3D printing process. But only after you are done exploring your creativity: Take a few turns on the clock and make your colleague younger or older? A change of sex? Whatever you fancy. 

Customised games by Luudoo – the original gift of the highest quality

Made in Germany - whether the classic cardboard or fine wood, we deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. Customised games by Luudoo are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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