Answers to the questions we are asked most frequently:

Game titles & production

I can't find my favourite game. What can I do?
Are the games and components tested for health and safety? Which age restrictions apply?
What materials is my game made of and has it been produced sustainably?
Where can I find information regarding a game's dimensions ?


How do I work with your online design tool?
How can I insert text?
How can I create image collages
Which image file formats are accepted?
Can I use .png files with transparencies or without background?
Can I get my image subject printed without a background?
What do I need to consider—resolution, format, margins—when uploading image files?
What are the colour-coded warning alerts appearing as I insert my images telling me?
The resolution of the preview of the game I designed appears very low. Is this how it will be printed?


Which payment options do you offer?
Can I get a discount for buying in bulk?
I am a business customer. Where may I find information regarding batch orders?
Where can I check the status of my order?
How can I change or cancel an order?
Under which conditions can I get a refund?


Which countries do you ship to?
What are the delivery costs?
After completing my order, how long do I have to wait until it arrives?

Data protection

Do you store my personal data? Do you hand them over to third parties?
How is Luudoo keeping my data secure?


Should you not find an answer to your question here, please write us at help@luudoo.de.