Design your own Magic Cube
Design your own Magic Cube Photo cubes with your own pictures Use LUUDOO's customised magic cubes to turn your child's art into a gift This particularly creative customised magic cube was designed by one of LUUDOO's customers A customised cube can also work well as a Valentine's gift Especially student cherish our individual magic cubes Use LUUDOO's customised cube to print family pictures Customised cubes by LUUDOO are a great alternative to your classic family picture album Gift idea customised magic cubes 3x3 from LUUDOO Printed Magic Cube made by LUUDOO as a birthday gift An example of a customised Magic Cube with holiday memories The same individually printed cube once scrambled This gift cube will delight any fan of cube puzzles! Our photo-printed Cube puzzle as a gift idea for your friend's 30th birthday Many of our customers give a customised Magic Cube for Christmas Your personal Rubik's Cube, designed according to your wishes A clean slate Rubik's Cubes awaiting your creativity

Magic Cube

Your pictures rather than just colours!

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Make it your own:

  • Classic 3x3 cube with matte print
  • Design every face yourself
  • Many templates for great results:
  • just one picture, printed in colour onto all sides
  • 6 different pictures without colour filter
  • mosaiques with 9 pictures on each side
  • and some more...
  • Specifications Magic Cubes

Choose from:

  • Includes 3x3 cube with matte finish print

Uniquely printed Rubik's Cube with your photos

In 1974, Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik invented a cubic turning puzzle, and the rest is history... Our magic cube follows the same principle that conquered the world in the 1980s.

The principle: How to play this game?

The 6 faces of the Magic Cube are divided into 9 squares each; and there are 9 squares each in the 6 colours yellow, green, white, blue, red, and orange. The goal is to turn the side face of the cube until each face shows just one of the colours. Various classical solution strategies exist, but 'cubing' is a whole world of its own, with world championships in disciplines like one-handed cubing, bling cubing, solving in as few turns as possible - you name it....

Instructions for solving magic cubes / cube puzzles

Game character: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

Despite its nickname 'magic cube', this is surely not a classical dice game, but rather a geometrical or mathematical puzzle. The factor of luck is precisely zero, it's all about the right strategy. Rubik's Cube is the subject of many articles and books, it has been researched, and robots have been taught to solve it. But it's not just cerebral. It's also just fun as you (try to) solve it, create cool patterns, or trace the most elegant steps towards creating neat order. 

Your Magic Cube – how to create a unique gift cube

Colours? Really? How about 6 portraits of the birthday child, from 6 different stages of his or her life? Or 6 wedding photots? Or pictures from the couple's past, if you're looking for something very personal to give for a golden wedding anniversary? Pictures of your best friends, a perfect group gift? Memories of holidays, bringing back the time on the beach or in the mountains, the city trip or fun by the pool side, and this wonderful sunset?

The risk, of course, is that your holiday pictures are a bit more complicated than simple colours. Or could that be a particularly exciting challenge? Will the birthday child manage to match the 6 noses of his good friends to those 6 smirks?

It doesn't have to be 6 pictures. If you're in a hurry as, say, Christmas is coming up even faster this year, or this one truly special photo stands out, then you will get a great result with just one picture, too: We apply 6 different colour filters, one for each of the original colours. Especially for beginners, this can be the best option. In this case, you'll create an unforgettable gift in less than five minutes. 

Customised gifts by Luudoo – quality single edition games

Quality is important to us. If your gift is well received, your customised photo cube will picked up and turned frequently. Our Magic Cubes are small mechanical wonders, with delicate interiors that need to be well made for them to last. To ensure the highest quality we work with a specialist supplier, one of the leading producers of Magic Cubes, who have produced millions of cubes sold everywhere in Europe.

The Cube is printed directly. We don't use stickers that could come of. Our prints are pretty sturdy and made to last. Should you ever have an reason, the please do write to our support email address becasue we mean it when we say that we are serious about quality.

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