A star-shaped game of Concentration will stretch your memory
A star-shaped game of Concentration will stretch your memory Matching stars - a game of concentration with a custom puzzle factor Challenge someone to a bit of lateral thinking with a gift of matching stars made by LUUDOO Our matching stars lock & key will be a special, very personal wedding gift Design a custom birthday gift with LUUDOO's matching stars lock & key Full creative license to you as you design the unidentical pairs in this star-shaped Concentration set Matching stars lock & key make Christmas glitter with puzzle joy for the whole family A Concentration set with matching stars is a perfect fit for Christmas As with all our game gifts, you can place messages on the box Design a unique, star-shaped set of Concentration The unidentical pairs add a special twist to this gift of matching stars A custom box to suit a unique, personal gift Treasure your holiday shots by printing them on a star-shaped set of Concentration We create perfect gifts for any weeding As specialist purveyor of custom games, we offer gaming tiles of the highest quality in various shapes Occasions like a wedding deserve a great wrapping for your gift Create a puzzle for the birthday boy: What is the bond that links these matching stars Your individual, custom box of matching stars will glitter under the Christmas tree At LUUDOO, we have been making custom matching pairs of special shapes since 2012 A gift of unique and personal matching stars will light up faces Place your gift in one of our high quality tin boxes

Matching Stars: lock & key

Star-crossed pictures

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  • 32 (16 pairs) customised cards in standard box
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  • In customised metal box (+€4.00)

Customise pairs of attracting stars

The principle: How to play this game?

This set of concentration is special: The tiles are not recatangular but star-shaped. They don't come in pairs, but... wait. They are not identical pairs, but could it be they still match? Is the stripe on this tile just a section of the disk of Saturn? Because I think I have seen Saturn just before... Is the baby on this tile the same person as the chap on the other tile that smirked at us from under his graduation hat? The link that bonds two stars may be obvious, or subtle - it's up to you!

Otherwise, gameplay works just as you know it. Upon shuffling the deck and arranging the tiles, the starting play begins by turning two tile face up. If the tiles match, then the player bags the pair, and takes another turn. Otherwise, the tiles are turned face down again and the next player takes her turn. Whoever collects the most pairs wins the game.

Instructions for lock & key matching pairs

Game charakter: The right mix of luck, strategy, and fun?

Luck: +++++ Strategy: +++++ Fun: +++++

It's impossible to state a level of complexity for the matching stars concentration. You define how much lateral thinking players will need, and how much prior knowledge they may ideally bring to the table. Are the links always between contemporary and baby photos of the same person? Or are photos of person matched to images of their namesake saint? Does one star show a person, and the matching star the house where they were born? 

Of course you can always reduce the complexity by reducing the number of pairs in the game. Or increase it by challeging players to work out the bond linking the stars themselves: Only if someone claims a pair will it be confirmed whether they are right. 

Some ideas for designing asymmetric pairs of stars

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly limitless, so we'll just share a few observations from our experience: Stars are often chosen for birthdays, Christmas, and for collectibles. A few classic bond types for the stars are:

  • A present day photograph of a person is linked with another element or aspect of the same person, e.g. a baby picture, just the person's eyes, their room, initials, date of birth, pet, or whatever you choose to come up with.

  • The item (a car, for instance) is linked to a zoomed detail (such as the car's headlights). 

  • Husband and wife; parent and child. 

  • A holiday picture and is linked with its location on a map, or the date when it was taken. 

  • And so many more...

On the tiles' backs, we have found that many customers prefer text, sometimes alluding to the type of bond linking the stars. So we have created and added a dedicated template for your convenience. 

In addition, you can place hints regarding the stars 'bond type' on the custom box; alongside any Christmas, birthday, or other messages for the recipient of your gift, of course. 

Print a bespoke game using LUUDOO's high quality service

Made in Germany - We deliver the highest quality materials and production techniques from German craft businesses. Customised games by Luudoo are original, well-made, and durable. They reflect your creativity and individuality - a truly unique gift!

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